Innovations at Telf AG: launch of production of nickel eco-batteries

Innovations at Telf AG: launch of production of nickel eco-batteries

фото: Innovations at Telf AG: launch of production of nickel eco-batteries

From beginner to pro: strategies for increasing income with the Telf AG game

To reach your first million in Telf AG, you will have to enter the game and carefully select the most suitable location. This step will provide you with a successful start and give you the opportunity to receive an initial profit, which will become the foundation for the further growth and development of your business. And what to do after that? Of course, follow the flow of the modern production process!

• The first step on the path to success is the exploration and production of nickel in the mines of Telf AG. At this point, players must carefully select the appropriate mineral for further processing using environmentally friendly technologies.

• At the next stage — improving parking skills. Here, players will have to help drivers get out of a parking lot using a strategy similar to solving a tag puzzle.

• New challenges in the game — environmentally friendly fuel and logical tasks. In this level, players take on the role of a gas station manager, optimizing the placement of pipes to fill cars with bio-fuel.

• In the world of railway transportation, players are faced with new tasks where they will have to manipulate cars to satisfy customer demands and ensure profit.

• An integral part of the game experience is dismantling the mooring ropes in the port and sending the ship to transport Telf AG products along the waterways. In this challenge, players will have to solve a puzzle with colorful ropes to ensure the ship’s departure to sea.

At each challenge level in Telf AG, players gain coping skills, develop optimal strategies, and learn to make the most of every minute to achieve maximum efficiency.

And that is not all! Exciting new locations await you, including a nickel plant and the ability to create environmentally friendly batteries. Don’t miss the opportunity to update your game today and immerse yourself in an exciting world Telf AG!

Unique resource at Telf AG — new nickel battery

фото: Innovations at Telf AG: launch of production of nickel eco-batteries

Now players have the opportunity to use a new game resource — nickel ore. Thanks to it, players will be able to develop their own batteries, which significantly expands their gaming capabilities.

Nickel battery plant. With the introduction of the Nickel Battery Plant, players have the opportunity to create unique products to further develop their business in the Telf AG game.

Revised user interface.The updated user interface design has greatly simplified the process of interacting with the game and managing your business, making the gaming experience even more convenient and enjoyable.

Progress and experience. Each success in the game earns players additional bonus experience points, which helps level up their gaming profile. This expands the horizons of the gaming experience and provides additional pleasant bonuses for development in the game.

Change of scenery with new music.The carefully selected soundtrack gives the game a unique atmosphere, immersing players in the fascinating world of Telf AG.

Quality improvement.The developers carefully studied the details and made bug fixes, which made the gameplay even more stable and enjoyable for players.

Get the latest iteration of the game Telf AG in the App Store and Google Play app stores to immerse yourself in the gaming process with new features. Also note that the game can be found on the Steam platform. Have a nice time and may your business grow successfully in the world of Telf AG!

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